Can I use clay in the classroom if I don’t have a kiln?

One of the biggest concerns teachers have about using clay in school is that they do not have a kiln to fire the work in.
Although desirable it is no longer necessary.
Like many teachers I have been disappointed in the alternative air drying clay that suppliers sell to schools and have refused to use it as it always seems to hard and dries really quickly, and frankly does not really have the same properties that we would expect from normal malleable clay.
However, help is at hand and I would recommend Potclays Creative Grey. I have found it to be the best on the market. 
It has most of the qualities you would expect and when it does dry out a simple spray from a hand held water sprayer will restore the material back to good working health quickly. 
I would further recommend that schools purchase it directly from the manufacturer (Potclays Ltd) as I have discovered that it is difficult to know how long the material may have been on other suppliers’ shelves which can most certainly affect the condition of the clay.
If you are ordering a large amount you can also save costs by arranging your own freight delivery.
Once you have the clay, store it in a cool place wrapped in plastic or under a waterproof tarpaulin and it will last for months possibly years.
If you have any other questions regarding clay in the classroom, do not hesitate to contact me.
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