Team building improves productivity

Team Building with Claydayz and Richard Gibson, MA.

 With more than 20 years experience as an artist, specialising in ceramics and public sculpture, Richard Gibson, MA is best placed to deliver superb, original team-building events that have art and ceramics at their core.  No need to have prior experience of any form of art as Richard leads the team members, step-by-step to an outcome that is both astounding and astonishing!  The outcome, which is kept by you and can be placed on permanent show, if you wish, at your place of work, will be a tangible, happy reminder of the fun experienced on the team-building day and the relationships that were cemented.

 During this event groups of participants will be set the challenge of inventing, designing and making a clay mural that bears the image that they have created which they feel best represents their department’s ethos, character or experiences as employees of the company.  The department will have the option of one of the finished pieces being taken away for firing glazing and mounting to become a permanent piece of work.

 The outcomes of a team-building day, or half day don’t just include improving the communication and the collaborative skills of your people. Planning together, bridge building, problem solving, time management are skills that are also prominent throughout the whole process. As individuals, team members feel empowered and their morale is raised.


Contact Claydayz, 07967215745 or email:


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