Organising a clay workshop, mural or mosaic project with Richard Gibson, MA, of Claydayz,


Organising a clay workshop, mural or mosaic project with Claydayz

 For more than ten years Richard Gibson, MA, of Claydayz has been organising clay workshops and mural and mosaic projects for schools and colleges.

 As all efficient companies do these days, Richard makes the time to elicit feedback from schools once he has completed a project.

 Interestingly, this feedback has thrown into focus some insights into what makes Claydayz workshops and projects stand out from the crowd.

 Teachers and lecturers are the same as the rest of us and they have certain concerns when it comes to putting their neck on the block and inviting someone into school and college to take responsibility for a major art project.  They worry about details such as will everyone see this as a success; will the artist be as good as I think he is; will he be able to cope with a range of pupil abilities and, in some cases disabilities; will he complete the project on time; will he accommodate our timetable and will there be an unholy amount of mess?

 All of these concerns are perfectly valid and this is why Richard Gibson and Claydayz have been so successful over the years as these concerns are taken very seriously by Richard and are addressed as a priority on every project.

 Firstly, Richard has been an artist for over 20 years. He has a BA degree in sculpture and a MA in installation art.  He is also a fully trained ceramicist who has exhibited widely.  Since completing his education he has always made a living from art; no mean feat in any era. Richard has also spent many years as a lecturer in art so when he comes into schools and colleges he has the professional skills and knowledge of a real artist, and he can combine these with the necessary skills of a teacher.  Having worked closely with the ’Artists in Schools’ Project he has advised teachers on how they can improve their creative classroom practice, so he is an experienced educationist.

 Richard has been commissioned to work with pupils in KS1 up to students studying at degree level.  He has been commissioned to work with pupils with learning difficulties and those who have been identified as Gifted and Talented.  He has also worked in referral units so is very competent when it comes to creating the right learning environment for those with behaviour challenges.

 Richard is in demand so completing projects to a timescale is as important to him as it is to the school.  He will also fit in with the school’s preferred timetable. 

 As far as mess is concerned he can work in a purpose-built area or he can adapt an ordinary classroom, making sure that when he leaves, so does the mess!

 Here are some comments from schools that Richard has worked with, in the last few days.

 `Richard’s passion for clay really enthused our students, they learnt many new skills and insights into the amazing world of clay! A very enjoyable and rewarding one day workshop.` Many thanks.

 James Knight Head of Art/D&TBasildonLowerAcademy-Basildon, Essex


I would just like to thank Richard from Claydayz for the outstanding tile mural he has produced with our SEN students, which now stands proudly on display on our entrance wall. The project set was to produce a tile mural that reflected our SHAPE curriculum and that every student in the school could contribute to, and all this was achieved with a great deal of creativity and patience. Great relations with staff and school  and kept to the time scales set. I have asked Richard to come back and do another project on Global Education with our students because I am so pleased with his first piece.

 Gary Dodds

Headteacher StMartinsSchoolDerby



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