Claydayz clay workshops, murals and mosaics in your school

Claydayz clay workshops, murals and mosaics in your school


Clay workshops

 Over the past ten years Richard Gibson, MA, of Claydayz has been working with pupils of all ages, across the UK.  Clay workshops are particularly popular with lots of schools and pupils benefit enormously from the ‘hands on’ approach to learning that takes place during a clay workshop. Teachers use the clay workshops to not only deliver the art and design curriculum but also to deepen pupils’ understanding in subjects as wide ranging as maths to geography.  Pupils really understand the difference between a 2D shape and a 3D shape when they actually create that shape themselves!  Remembering the features of a variety of shapes is much more memorable when you have actually made them yourself, and the shapes sit on the classroom shelf as a long-lasting reminder.


Mosaics and murals


Richard is also much in demand for the breathtaking mosaics and murals that he, along with the pupils of the school, designs.  Schools contact Richard to arrange a mosaic or mural project for a wide range of reasons.  During the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic years, schools across the country wanted to celebrate these events with their pupils by creating mosaics and murals to hang in reception areas, the main hall and even on the outside of the school building.  Often a school has an anniversary of its own to celebrate, such as the passing of 25 years or 50 years since its foundation.  Some secondary schools use the creation of a mosaic or mural to reinforce its mission statement to the pupils and the local community, or to underline to pupils the personal attributes that forge success in adulthood.  Some schools have commissioned Richard to inspire their pupils to create a mosaic or mural that underscores the religious faith of the school.

 Whatever the reason behind the school’s desire to create a mosaic or mural, Richard project manages the entire experience.  He can advise on the direction of the project and then he will come into school and involve as many pupils as the school wishes in the composing of ideas for the mosaic or mural in art workshops.  He then assembles the final piece at his studio, glazing and firing the mosaic or mural.  He can even arrange the final hanging of the artwork.

 These projects are not costly but their value is incalculable.  The enthusiasm, creativity and pride that a project such as this inspires in pupils are a joy to see.  It is the sort of event that takes place at school that is remembered by each pupil throughout his/her lifetime.

 To arrange a mosaic or mural project, a clay workshop, an earth oven project or INSET training contact Claydayz, Richard Gibson, on 07967215745, studio:  01780 470477 or email:  See for further information.  Follow us on twitter and facebook.

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