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Clay workshops by Claydayz

 When Richard Gibson, MA, goes into schools to deliver clay workshops invariably teachers are delighted and amazed at the professional results that pupils are inspired to produce under Richard’s tutelage.

Not only are they excited by the quality of the artwork that is formed by the pupils but also they often remark on the greater depth of learning that takes place due to the nature of the learning experience, which is a kinaesthetic one.

So many pupils, who are predominantly kinaesthetic learners, miss out on learning through the style that suits them best because the nature of many subjects taught in schools does not lend itself to kinaesthetic learning.  However, clay can be a medium through which kinaesthetic learners can learn in a number of subjects if a little ingenuity is employed.  This is where Richard’s skills in teaching kinaesthetically come to the fore.

Claydayz Clay workshops for core subjects

 For example, Richard runs courses for KS1 and KS2 in mathematics, using clay to help pupils recognise the different features of 2D and 3D shapes.  Pupils learn how to turn 2D shapes into 3D shapes and they gain a deeply memorable idea of the difference between these shapes in the process.  Workshops on the Italian mathematician Fibonacci are also very popular.  In literacy Richard utilises the medium of clay to help younger pupils understand how to form letters and correlate what they have composed to the letter sound.

Producing animal models assists in children’s understanding of literature and aids discussion of characters’ actions and motivation in stories.

There are so many ways in which clay enhances creative thinking and independent learning.  Richard always takes the time to discover what the learning objectives are and spends time helping the teacher compose the best workshop to suit the children’s needs.

Teachers often comment that the handling of the materials involved, the physical activity involved and the making of sculptures and models add up to lessons that are not just satisfying for pupils but very memorable.  The learning is embedded much more firmly when constant activity is involved in the lesson.  Even those reluctant learners respond positively to a well-organised Claydayz clay workshop.

Richard can be contacted on 07967215745 or email Richard on  The studio number is 01780470447.  Visit

Richard offers clay workshops for KS1 –KS4.  He also runs mosaic and mural projects for all ages and earth oven building projects.

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