Teacher Training – INSET with Richard Gibson MA of Claydayz

Teacher training  INSET days with Richard Gibson, MA, of Claydayz

Following the success of his clay workshops in schools and colleges, many teachers asked Richard Gibson if he would come back and take staff INSET, training teachers how to make the most of clay as a medium through which learning can take place.  Richard created a workshop-style INSET and has for many years been going into schools to help teachers develop exciting and creative curricula that use clay.

Many pupils, if not all, respond exceedingly positively to learning that involves them kinaesthetically.  Teachers who have introduced Richard’s techniques into their lessons have, on many occasions, remarked that pupils who have behavioural difficulties become totally absorbed in the lesson when the use of clay has been at the centre of the learning.  The keen interest that is aroused by using clay helps the individual pupil feel more fulfilled and this has a positive knock-on effect on behaviour generally.

Richard Gibson’s INSET programmes cater for KS1 to KS4.  Richard usually works closely with the teacher in charge of CPD before the training takes place so that the INSET training is individually tailored to the needs of the teachers.  The topics that Richard has covered in these training sessions are wide and varied, helping make maths, English, science, geography and history come to life, as well as teaching clay making techniques, of course.  Richard also explains firing, glazing, kilns and appropriate health and safety.

Richard’s training sessions move at a brisk pace and are highly kinaesthetic which teachers usually find stimulating and fun.  The time usually flies!  It’s also a great way to team-build at the beginning of a new academic year or term.

A typical INSET session will commence with a short introduction on the history of the use of clay and then move quickly into the specifics of what can be taught and how it can be taught.  Teachers find this kind of training memorable because they work with the clay and experience the lesson from the pupil’s perspective.

The following topics are ones that Richard has been asked to teach on numerous occasions and they have proved particularly popular and effective in the classroom.

Shapes found in maths – 2D – 3D Coil pots using cylinders (African, Greek, Roman, Egyptian)

Spiral pots and sculpture using improvised moulds (link with natural science)

Mini beasts: exploring shape (rope, spiral, ball), plus ‘Hungry Caterpillar’

Literature, for example decorating letters

Rainbow bird and fish.

Decorating with shapes

Pinch pots with eyes closed!

Animal modelling: solid body and hollow body KS1 elephants


To slip or not to slip

Richard Gibson can come into school to do training at the beginning or end of term.  He can also be booked to do twilight sessions. To book contact Claydayz on 07967215745.  Call the studio on 01780 470447.  Follow Claydayz on Twitter and see our Facebook page.

Claydayz also offers clay workshops for pupils, mosaic and mural projects and earth oven building.

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